Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Governor and the Secretary of State Will Be on the Island Tomorrow for the Broadwater Announcement

The Governor and the Secretary of State will travel to Long Island tomorrow to announce the Broadwater decision. This email just came across from Kasey Jacobs, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment:

We've finally received word that the decision we've all been waiting for will be tomorrow, Thursday April 10th.

Governor David Paterson and Secretary of State Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez are expected to announce their decision in-person on Long Island tomorrow afternoon. Details will be announced later today, so please stand by for a follow-up email with that information.

We need as many people there as possible to show our opposition en masse!

This has been a long and challenging fight. A huge thanks to all for everything that's been accomplished. Please come tomorrow so we can support each other on the most important day of the campaign.

Hope to see you there!

Together we can make a difference,

Kasey Jacobs
Program Coordinator

Would two politicians travel to a region where virtually every politician is against Broadwater just to announce that they are giving it the green light?



Anonymous africa jen said...

I guess it depends Tom... where will the announcement be made, Keyspan Headquarters?

3:53 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

I doubt it would be down on the old fishing docks for sure!

The Block Island Times posted the proposed shipping lanes for the LNG ships and two routes come within 4 miles of that island. The security zones go from 700 meters to 4 miles. Well there goes our "sail around the island" weekly fun I guess.

I guess the governor will do what he thinks he has to do. It unfortunate that any decision is a lose-lose proposition. /sam

10:00 PM  

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