Friday, April 04, 2008

Rye Becomes the Ninth Community in Westchester to Ban Leaf Blowers in Summer

Bravo to the city of Rye. The other night the City Council approved a ban on leaf blowers from May 1 through September 30. Think of it -- for the whole summer Rye residents won't have their senses assaulted by roaring leaf blowers using fossil fuels to accomplish a job that is essentially frivolous.

And the best thing is that it seems to be a trend. This from the Journal News:

Yonkers, Hastings, Greenburgh, Bronxville, Larchmont, Pelham village, Scarsdale and the town of Mamaroneck also have leaf-blower bans.

Here's hoping the trend is viral and spreads throughout the region.



Blogger Monica said...

I am a bit late commenting on this.
I lived in Rye for about eight years and can remember the dentist office next door that had landscapers show up twice a week.
For about two hours, twice a week, the leaf blowers would roar. This usually happened right about the time I got home from work. The entire yard and shrub area was no more than a 20' by 50' area.
Good riddance.
I wish my present neighborhood would pass such a ban.

6:40 PM  

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