Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here's One of the Best Things That Has Happened This Spring

At dusk on Saturday evening and last evening, a male and female barred owl were calling to each other in the woods, where they nested last year. They haven't been around much since their young fledged last June and, although the books say they like to nest in the same place year after year, I figured they weren't coming back. But they're here.

As for Long Island Sound blogging, the battery in my laptop needs to be recharged and the power cord is frayed and doesn't work, so until a new cord arrives I'm spending much less time on it. For all the news headlines, read Chris Zurcher's blog, here.



Blogger Christopher Zurcher said...


I've needed new cords for computer stuff and, while it's not the most sustainable practice, I've found e-bay to be very price friendly.

8:48 AM  

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