Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ever-vigilant Customs Agents Send a Roquefort Cheesemaker Back to France

Bon voyage ... A cheesemaker from Roquefort who flew into JFK yesterday to speak at a Cornell conference in Manhattan was detained by Customs and then sent back to France because he once protested the industrialization and globalization of the food industry by attacking a sacred icon of American culture – a McDonald’s restaurant. The Times reported:

The reason, one official said, was that Mr. Bové had a record of criminal convictions and therefore was not eligible for the visa-waiver program that allows visitors from many European countries to enter the United States using only their passports.

Mr. Bové, 52, had served time for several protest activities, including episodes where he smashed windows of a McDonald's near his home in 1999, damaged a field of genetically modified rice in 1999, and destroyed a field of gene-modified crops in 1998.

Newsday reported:

Bove … was scheduled to lead discussions titled Fighting the Commodification of Food, and The Struggle Against Monsanto in Europe.

It’s hard to imagine that Bove poses any real threat in America, and I agree that McDonald’s is an abomination, but on the other hand protesters get arrested to make a point and if one of the results is some sort of punishment, you have to live with it. The worst part for Bove, no doubt, was that he had to eat two airline meals in the same day.

Daily Broadwater ... If you’re on the fence about Broadwater’s proposal to put a liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound because you think it will help make the U.S. less reliant on international energy supplies, read this post on Gristmill and then click on the link it sends you to.

Connecticut Fund for the Environment, by the way, did us the favor of finding the Broadwater application online. Click here to read it.


Blogger Bugsy said...

I stumbled across your blog the other day. I find it remarkable how similar our challenges are and we're only 200-300 miles north of you on Cape Cod.

Love the cheese maker story ;-) I'm glad to read that we're keeping our danergous elements out of the US.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bove isn't a cheesemaker. He hasn't made a cheese in years. They used to call him a sheep-farmer and he hasn't farmed a sheep even once in the last decade. When he's not in jail, he's jet-setting around the world as part of the multinational protest industry. Or relaxing at home (France), where he spends his free time with his buddies destroying research facilities-- over $2 million worth at the latest count. That doesn't count the cost of whacking a McDonald's. Which, by the way, was a family-owned restaurant like every other McDonald's.

7:33 PM  

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