Thursday, January 26, 2006

LNG in the Atlantic, Stripers & Crabs, Jack Welch: Philanthropist

A new LNG proposal for the Atlantic … One of the complaints from people who oppose Broadwater’s proposal to put a liquefied natural gas facility in the middle of Long Island Sound is that there’s no coherent national or regional energy policy, which means that proposals are scattered and not made in any coordinated fashion. A case in point is the new proposal to build an island south of Long Island, and stick a terminal on it.

The official announcement is today. Newsday wasn’t able to find out much about it ahead of time. But here’s what they reported.

A warm bath for striped bass … People congregate in Norwich, Connecticut, in the winter to fish for striped bass, which stick around in the warm outflows of local power plants. Here’s what Narragannsett Baykeeper John Torgan says on his new blog:

Thousands of striped bass are known to winter in the cooling water canal of Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, Massachusetts. Other winter populations in the Northeast tend to be associated with the warm outflows of power plants including the ones I found last week near the Manchester Street Station in downtown Providence. Others apparently stay in the Narrow River in Narragansett, where there are no warm water flows. A massive population now winters in the Thames River in Connecticut, upriver from the Millstone nuclear power plant.

After reading many reports about the Thames River fish, my wife Jillian and I took a ride to Norwich, CT on Sunday. In the harbor downtown, and all along the river, dozens of boats and hundreds of anglers braved ice and January temperatures to find them. It looked like a scene out of a cable TV bass fishing show, only colder.

But isn’t Millstone in Waterford, at the mouth of the Niantic? How would warm water get from there to the Thames?

A crab-eat-crab world Blue crabs apparently like to eat green crabs, which are invasives. Now if we can only get the green crabs to eat the Asian shore crabs first…

Hazardous Waste 101 … For years Jack Welch ran GE from company headquarters up the road from Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield, Connecticut. Now he’s given the school a large but undisclosed amount of money to start a business college. It's apparently untrue though that Sacred Heart will offer a course in his honor called How to Destroy the Hudson River Fishery While Avoiding Responsibility.


Blogger John Torgan said...

Hi- The power plant I referred to in my blog is in New London, CT on the Thames. It is far from Norwich, where the stripers are though. Don't know if there is a connection. Thanks, JT

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