Friday, January 13, 2006

News Roundup: North Fork Land Preservation; Monk Parakeets; Greenwich Dig; Sentencing Next Week in Fishers Island Sewage Conviction

On Long Island’s North Fork, the Nature Conservancy just bought 47 acres that it hopes will be part of a greenbelt connecting Pipes Cove, in Peconic Bay, to Long Island Sound. Click here.

Friends of Animals went to court yesterday to permanently stop United Illuminating from killing the monk parakeets that build nests on utility wires and poles. Click here.

The Long Island Sound area is loaded with important native American sites. Archeologists are conducting a dig now at Greenwich Point in conjunction with a reforestation program there. Click here.

And what do you do about a well-liked longtime employee with a good record except for one major blunder? Well not a blunder actually – a felony conviction for dumping sewage into the Sound and the Thames River and then trying to hide it. If you’re the residents of Fishers Island, apparently, you let Mark Easter keep his $130,000 a year job as the head of the ferry service that is your only connection to the mainland.

Easter will be sentenced for the crime next week. The U.S. attorney has recommended a month in jail and a significant fine. Easter’s own attorney wants no jail time and a small fine. It’s an interesting dilemma – compassion or punishment? Click here.


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