Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Broadwater Files with FERC

Broadwater formally filed its application with FERC yesterday to build a liquefied natural gas facility in Long Island Sound. The Atlantic Sea Island Group, which announced last week that it wants to put a terminal in the Atlantic, is presumably far from filing.

Here are a few basic details about the two, gleaned from Broadwater’s website and newspapers (there’s virtually nothing on the web about Atlantic Sea Island Group, or Safe Harbor Energy, as the project is called).

Broadwater (a Shell-TransCanada project)
Location: the New York waters of Long Island Sound, 9 miles north of Riverhead and 10.5 miles south of Branford.

Size: 1,200 feet long. 180 feet wide. 75 to 100 feet tall.

Number of tanker deliveries: 100-160 a year.

Storage capacity: 8 billion cubic feet of gas.

Amount piped out daily: 1.25 billion cubic feet.

Pipes: 22 miles of new underwater pipeline connecting to the existing Iroquois pipeline system.

Safe Harbor Energy
Location: in federal waters of the Atlantic ocean, 13/5 miles south of Long Beach and 19 miles east of Sandy Hook.

Size: a 53-acre man-made island (yet to be built), with four tanks holding 16 billion cubic feet of gas; and berths for two tankers .

Number of tanker deliveries: 200-220 a year.

Pipes: Possibly a New Jersey-to-Long Beach pipe that serves KeySpan Energy.

Here are today's news stories: New London Day and Connecticut Post.


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