Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fighting Broadwater on the Sea and in the Meeting Rooms

The effort to enlist the support of recreational boaters in the fight against the liquefied natural proposal has gotten some decent publicity. The New London Day ran an AP story out of New Haven today, and the Connecticut Post editorialized favorably.

Public meetings will begin next week (Broadwater’s site has the dates and times). The meetings will combine FERC’s scoping sessions for the environmental impact statement, and sessions to discuss safety and security with the Coast Guard. If I understand scoping session correctly, they are essentially meetings at which the issues to be studied in the environmental impact statement are discussed and decided upon.

Broadwater’s John Hritcko keeps saying that the public shouldn’t draw any conclusions about the LNG proposal until the environmental studies are done (as I’m sure he himself is not drawing any conclusions until then either). The scoping sessions are critical for ensuring that the studies are done right.


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