Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Shoreline Trail to Connect New Haven and Madison

A walking and biking trail that connects Lighthouse Point in New Haven with Hammonasset is a truly great idea, and Connecticut’s federal legislators deserve credit for bringing home $2.65 million in worthwhile pork for the Shoreline Greenway Trail.

Of course if the LNG plant is approved, the feds will have subsidized a terrific view of a hideous energy facility.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Groton Sub base and Electric Boat would rather have the LNG plant in LIS. Anyone hwo has read Tom Clancy knows that subs follow in the drafts of noisy commercial vessels in order to avoid detection by today's sophisticated sonar. Continuous traffic of commercial LNG tankers provide many tailgating opportunties for ingress and egress of subs from the Thames River complexes. Both General Dynamics and the Naval administration wanted both base AND LNG plans intact. Popular support split the diffrence - YES to the base and NO to the LNG plant. This causes a dilemma for GD and the Navy, necessarily cyrtailing the amonut of stratefic activity that can be allowed out of the Thames. Look for the Casinos to buy into the process - large gambling junkets ships (maybe not cruise ships) frequenting the Thames en route to Mohegan Sun's yet-to-be-built marinas and Preston's yet-to-be-built Entertainment complex will provide second-rate cover for subs undergoing maintenance at EB and/or redeployment from the base. It isn't ideal for defense, but it will have to suffice. In any rate, the economy of the locale is contingent upon a dependent variable of defense activity. Connecticut is still holding on - by a thread. Watch for a lot of gambling and submarine movies to be made at the new studios.

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