Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boaters of All Yacht Clubs Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But a Huge Energy Factory in the Middle of the Sound

The activists who oppose the use of Long Island Sound for a LNG terminal are hoping to enlist the support of boating organizations, which makes all the sense in the world. I reported in my book that on any given Saturday or Sunday in summer, 90,000 recreational vessels might take to the Sound.

For people like me who live near the western end of the Sound, the so-called Broadwater plant is only slightly less abstract as an environmental issue than, say, drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I think the LNG plant is a bad idea and I don’t want it to be approved and built, but as a landlubber who lives half a Sound away, the only time I’m going to get a good look at it is through binoculars from the beach at Hammonnasset.

Recreational boaters, though, are another story. For them – or at least for the portion who sail in the vicinity of New Haven, Shoreham, Branford, etc. – the plant will be an everyday, in-your-face experience. It’s hard for me to believe that as a group they would support the LNG plant. Here’s hoping that Save the Sound/Connecticut Fund for the Environment and the other environmental groups organizing this are successful.

The schedule for three upcoming meetings that Save the Sound is holding with recreational mariners:

Monday, August 22 7 pm
Mianus River Boat and Yacht Club
98 Strickland Road, Cos Cob, CT

Tuesday, August 23 7 pm
Shennecossett Yacht Club
1000 Shennecossett Rd., Groton, CT

Wednesday, August 24 7 pm
Saybrook Point Pavilion
155 College St., Old Saybrook, CT


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