Friday, August 19, 2005

Off to Clearer Waters

The editorial and support staff of Sphere is heading en masse (or en famille) to Block Island for two weeks (I know – it’s tough, but someone’s got to help prop up the over-inflated prices there). Judging by the number of visits Sphere has had this week, most of the two dozen readers are on vacation this month too. So we won’t be posting and they won’t be reading, and none of us will be the worse for it.

But if by chance you’re interested in following Long Island Sound news while I’m away, check out the Atlantic Coast Watch news nuggets in the righthand column, and click on MYSound and the DEP Hypoxia Maps to see how low dissolved oxygen concentrations can get (they’re still very low).

And read the Connecticut Fishing blog, by Sandy Pardes, who like me grew up in one of the outer boroughs and writes about the Sound fairly often.


Blogger Pat Burns said...

I just like to live vicariously through you, Tom. Block Island... how tough. Seriously, you've had some really interesting reporting lately. Keep up the good work, and enjoy vacation.

10:15 PM  

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