Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Justice Department: A Loyal Reader

Does the U.S. Department of Justice monitor blogs (and if so, couldn’t they find one more subversive than mine)?

I ask because every morning between 5 and 6, Sphere gets a hit from the Department of Justice. It’s always the same time of day and it’s always via the same post – this one, from February 14. Now, this was a good post, but who’d want to read it every workday?

The stat counters I use tell me how many readers I get and also what internet service provider they use – Optonline and AOL, for example, but also private companies (Shell checks in every once in a while, perhaps because they like my style but more likely to read Broadwater posts), universities and government agencies, including the Department of Justice.

Are other bloggers routinely read by the DOJ?

I wonder if I simply have a fan in DC, or if for some unfathomable reason, the DOJ thinks it should monitor Sphere? If so, the miracle of the Internet lets me know when Big Brother is watching.


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