Monday, March 14, 2005

Greenwich First Amendment Case

I asked Annette M. Lamoreaux, legal director for ACLU of Connecticut, why newspaper reports made it sound as if the ACLU wasn’t sure if it would take the case of the three environmentalists arrested in Greenwich for protesting. In an e-mail, she told me the Rainforest Action Network and the people who were arrested haven’t decided how to proceed. She wrote:

… It’s really up to them…. We don't do direct criminal representation, so our involvement would be on the broader First Amendment issue. I agree with you that the arrests are very problematic from a constitutional perspective, but truthfully, the crackdown on any sort of political dissent since 9/11 has been so widespread that nothing surprises me anymore.

The Rainforest Action Network, by the way, has photos of the perps, and a reproduction of the wanted poster on their website. The Talkleft blog has picked up the story as well.


Blogger Japhet said...

Hard to believe that this stuff is taking place and the media is just rolling over it. I'm convinced that Harrison called the cops after driving home from work in NYC to find his picture plastered everywhere in his own neighborhood. Apparently the town of Greenwich has a ordinance against such activity which makes sense with all the high-powered CEOs and exec's that live there. Talk about protecting the wealthy! These folks should be just as transparent as the regular American Joe.

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