Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wednesday's News: In Greenwich -- Competing to Kill Deer; What 1st Amendment? Groton: March Snow Can't Stop Warming Conference; & More Water for Trib

In Greenwich, they're arguing over who should be allowed to kill more deer -- bowhunters or town-hired sharpshooters. Greenwich Time reports that the bowhunters killed 80 percent more deer this year than last, and that at the Greenwich Audubon Center, they killed 25 deer this year (down five from last year).

Also in Greenwich, Vineyard Lane residents were annoyed when environmental activists put up posters criticizing William Harrison, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase for the company's environmental policies. Greenwich police decided that the right of Vineyard Lane residents not to be annoyed trumped the First Amendment, and arrested the activists. Here's the Greenwich Time story. Here's where Vineyard Lane is located. I'm rooting hard for the ACLU on this one because it's not a stretch to imagine officials at certain energy companies, say, being annoyed at environmentalists for protesting a proposal for an industrial facility in the middle of Long Island Sound. Greenwich police need to back down.

On a March day when what felt like the worst storm of the winter descended, scientists and advocates argued that global warming is affecting the Long Island Sound region. From the New London Day:

Tundi Agardy, executive director of Sound Seas — Washington, D.C.-based environmental consultants — said the warming sea and air temperatures and increased rainfall will cause cold-tolerant species to decline and those that thrive in warmer temperatures to multiply. Coastal lands will shrink as sea levels rise, and pollution levels will increase as sewage treatment plants become inundated by storm surges more often and wetlands that filter out pollutants become flooded. New diseases affecting humans and wildlife are also expected to spread.

Waterbury has settled a lawsuit and agreed to let more water flow down a tributary of the Housatonic in warm weather, which should help aquatic life (as well as kayakers and canoers). The Hartford Courant reports.


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