Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday's News: What Did They Do With All That Sand on LI? Sound Business Lecture

Twenty thousand years ago, the ice sheet created a fish-shaped island of sand and gravel and rock called now Long Island. One hundred forty years ago, Cow Bay started mining the sand and eventually shipped 140 million tons to another island, Manhattan, where it was made into concrete for sidewalks, bridges and the Empire State Building. Today, the Town of North Hempstead wants to put a sand miners monument in Port Washington, which is what Cow Bay is now called. Cynthia Daniels has an interesting story in Newsday.

SoundWaters has put on a consistently interesting series of talks and lectures. The next, part of its Business & Environment Series, is March 16. The speaker is Richard Fuller, president of Great Forest Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in environmental issues for corporations. The talk is at UBS Warburg, in Stamford. You have to register in advance, you can't bring a camera or a recording device, your bags will be inspected, and you have to have a state-issued ID card to get in (which will might tend to limit the number of New York residents who attend). Despite all these restrictions (which I'm sure have more to do with UBS than with SoundWaters), it's probably worth the effort, if you're in the neighborhood. Check with SoundWaters for more information.


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