Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha Stewart at Home

Apropos of nothing, I decided to drive past Martha’s house on my way to work today. Three or four clusters of reporters and cameramen were waiting on the road, beyond her stone wall, which is only about three feet tall and easy to see over. Two police cruisers and a police SUV were idling nearby, and a temporary “no parking on local roads” sign had been erected.

Having been a reporter for a good many years, it still isn’t absolutely clear to me why the media stage these stakeouts. Do they think Martha is going to pop her head out the door and wave? Or walk to the road for an interview? In fact, that might be a good PR strategy for Martha, or anyone else subjected to a stakeout -- stop by for a little chat with the reporters, throw them a morsel, and then let them be on their way. Reporters are as susceptible to celebrity as anyone, and nothing flatters them like a celebrity returning their call or submitting to an interview.


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