Monday, June 16, 2008

We Can All Go to Greenwich's Island Beach Now

For $8 a person you can now hop on the ferry in Greenwich and take it to town-owned Island Beach, whether you live in Greenwich or not.

Until this year, Island Beach was only for residents. But the town opened it up for fear of being hit with the kind of lawsuit that forced it to open Greenwich Point several years ago.

Judging from this story, in the Greenwich Time, it seems as only a couple of old curmudgeons object, including one woman whose opinion was immediately challenged by her husband:

"I think everybody should stay on their beach," resident Miki Dougherty said. "We pay for the repairs of the beach. Everybody in the world wants to go."

While the senior and her husband were waiting for the ferry, the couple got into a disagreement over the change, however.

Bob Dougherty argued that many people in the area cannot afford to live near the water or reside in land-locked communities.

"They don't have a beach in Danbury," Dougherty said.

"That's too bad," his wife replied.

"Where are you going to? Are you going to go down to Florida?" the husband answered.

As a Pound Ridge resident, I’m with him.

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