Monday, June 09, 2008

Broadwater Appeals; New York and Connecticut Apparently Are Discussing Holding an Energy Summit

Broadwater has appealed New York State's rejection, in April, of its proposal to put a liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound. My guess is that there's very little chance the U.S. Secretary of Commerce will side with Broadwater, but you never know.

Here's Denise Civiletti's story, in the Riverhead News-Review, and here's Judy Benson's story in the New London Day.

I haven't been paying as close attention to my self-assigned blogging responsibilities, for a few reasons (my laptop is down again, which means I have to use my kids' mini-Mac, and I've been named the acting executive director of Westchester Land Trust, where I work, which means I've had to start to learn a new job while still doing m own job), so there are a few things I've missed or haven't paid sufficient attention to (the study that links plastic bottles to shell-rot disease in lobsters is an example of the latter; the report about the economic importance of estuaries that came out a week or so ago and got very little coverage is an example of the former).

In this Newsday story, the reporter refers almost in passing to the possibility of an energy summit on the part of top New York and Connecticut officials, which I think would be a great idea that might even lead to some guidelines about energy development in the two states. 

He also reports that before Eliot Spitzer resigned, New York and Connecticut officials were discussing a deal: New York would reject Broadwater if Connecticut would approve the Islander East pipeline. I had heard talk of that back in early March, I think, but if it's been reported before, I missed it. In any case, it became moot when Spitzer left and Governor Paterson accepted the logic of his Department of State and said no way to Broadwater.

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Anonymous Bryan said...

Okay, it's been a few weeks, so I expect Save the Sound and CCE have hammered out a deal for Islander East. C'mon Leah and Adrienne, let's hear what you worked out.

2:38 PM  

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