Monday, June 16, 2008

CBC Interview with Hans Laufer: To Help Lobsters, Stop Using So Much Plastic (and Recycle it When You Do)

Ask Hans Laufer, the UConn professor who found a link between chemicals in plastics and lobster shell disease, what can be done to solve the problem and he gives a simple answer: use less plastics, recycle, or stop using them altogether and switch back to glass bottles.

Here he is succinctly explaining the link between plastics and shell rot, in an interview with CBC Radio One (scroll to June 4). (Previous posts are here and here.)

Peg Van Patten, at Sea Grant/UConn, sent me the link. That makes two stories in Canada about an important discovery by a Connecticut scientist concerning a disease affecting lobsters in Long Island Sound and southern New England, and none around here.


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