Friday, October 05, 2007

They Shot A Moose

It was headed toward the Merritt Parkway, where a moose-car collision earlier in the year had killed a man.

According to the DEP, the moose population is growing in Connecticut, and moose-vehicle accidents are expected to become more of a concern in the state.

Moose, usually thought of as denizens of the ponds and forests of Maine, have an established population in Connecticut of about 100 animals, according the Howard Kilpatrick, eastern district biologist for the state DEP Wildlife Division.

... Massachusetts has seen a "large breeding population" of 1,000 moose develop over the last decade, some of which have ambled south to Connecticut to establish a resident population that usually stays in the northwest and northeast corners of the state.

Here's another guy who shot a moose, under somewhat different circumstances.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Møøse once bit my sister....

11:30 AM  

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