Monday, September 24, 2007

A Special Session in Hartford But Not For Clean Water

From what Soundkeeper Terry Backer says, it looks like the Clean Water Fund is dead for the year...

Yesterday I received an order of the Governor delivered by the state police, as all legislators did, commanding a special session on Wednesday. In her proclamation the Governor announced she will veto the bonding bill, Emergency Certified Senate Bill 1501 that contains the Clean Water Fund money.

The special session will be to pass a bond authority for municipal and regional school district so they will not have to borrow money to pay contractors for school construction. I guess she is unaware that many of the same towns will need to borrow money to pay for the ongoing improvement and construction of sewage treatment plants. There must be only a very small window in the Governors office reducing their view of the world.

Long Island Sound is suffering from some very bad politics on all fronts. I am hoping to salvage the Clean Water Money at a later date. The leaders of the legislature and the Governor need to forget special projects, which are not all bad, and take care of the big needs. However, its broad based power plays at work – it’s like a war, there seems the need to shed a lot of blood before the resolution that was clear in the beginning can be implemented. And Long Island Sound is caught up in the blood letting.

I stay at it.

1:20 p.m. update: A couple of second thoughts: How much of all this is political posturing is hard to tell. But it's worth keeping in mind that Rell hasn't actually vetoed anything yet, and the Democrats have enough votes to override a veto, if it's that important to them. So there's still a chance, if the pols recognize that enough people want it to pass.



Blogger Sam said...

How depressing. When I left Connecticut in 1976 there had been a string of very bad years where the State was running huge deficits; by now I thought things would be better. I don't understand Rell's argument about bond ratings, either. Something stinks.

I'll save the bottle of champaign for another day, Tom.

12:07 PM  

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