Monday, September 17, 2007

Will Connecticut Finally Decide This Week What to Do About the Clean Water Fund?

Connecticut's General Assembly reconvenes on Thursday to vote on a bond package, which will include funding for a lot of things, including the Clean Water Fund that they and Governor Rell have been all-but-ignoring for two years. (If you're interested in the political back-and-forth, read this.)

Rell wants $70 million a year. Here's what she said in a September 4 letter to the legislators:

Currently, we have indicated that our general obligation bonding will not exceed $1.25 billion this year. While this seems like a high number, you must remember that this number includes $715 million for school construction, $115 million for UCONN 2000, $75 million for the Connecticut State University system, $50 million for the Community Technical College system, $70 million for Clean Water and Sewage projects, $20 million for the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), $10 million for the state’s open space program, and $30 million for the Local Capital Improvement Program (LOCIP).

The legislators apparently want more than $70 million -- perhaps as much as $140 million to make up for the lost years.



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