Friday, September 07, 2007

Oysters (and Bad Oldies Bands) Both Still Alive in Norwalk

Oysters seem to be rebounding nicely in Long Island Sound from two diseases, dermo and MSX (Multinucleated Sphere X – that’s an oyster disease, not a relative of Malcolm X): "

About two years ago they started coming back," she said. "We're on an upswing; we have a good supply of oysters again."

About 90 percent of the oyster population died off after Dermo and MSX wiped them out in 2000, according to state figures.
David Carey, director of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Aquaculture, confirmed the oyster supply in the state's waters is increasing.

"This industry is rebounding," he said. "Last year, the harvest numbers went from about 25,000 bushels to about 53,000 bushels."

This information, which is clearly good news, comes as the Norwalk Oyster Festival is about to open, here. The oyster festival features, among other things, live music by has-been bands. It also raises an interesting question: is it more amazing that the oysters are rebounding from two pernicious diseases or that Jay and the Americans apparently have been exhumed and are still singing?

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