Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Clean Water Fund, Broadwater Decision Delayed, New Beaches Open and Not

Is it possible that the state of Connecticut still hasn't put money into the Clean Water Fund -- in other words, still hasn't decided to meet its responsibility to help clean up Long Island Sound (among other things)? Hard to believe but apparently true: when I got back from two weeks away there were 52 e-mails in my inbox with "Long Island Sound" in the subject line, and none of them were about the Clean Water Fund.

New York's Department of State will wait until December before deciding whether Broadwater's proposal for a liquefied natural gas terminal in Long Island Sound is consistent with state policies for use of the coastal zone. This is old news -- it broke while I was away -- but it's worth noting nonetheless. Here's the only report about it that I saw.

The state has been buying a lot of terrific parkland on Long Island but it doesn't have the money to open them to the public. The new park on the Sound in Jamesport is among them. In Milford, meanwhile, the city is creating a small new beach out of an area that's been a mess for a while:

When the city acquired the site several years ago, it was covered with large boulders, wood scraps and other debris that officials believed were the remnants of houses destroyed in the 1938 hurricane.

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