Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oyster Boat



Blogger Sam said...

Hey Tom it looks like somebody is restoring an old one there. I noticed the starboard rub-rail was being redone and sure I hope they didn't find rot - that's usually the side they haul on with an oyster dredge and winch. Maybe they're hauling off the stern, Mississippi style, but I think some of the deck rigging is missing. Gosh to be there, those boxes of oysters come up just full of black ooze, spider crabs, and oyster shell. It is an incredible mess. Usually the live oysters are put in 50 or 100 pound burlap sacks and the rest is shoveled and squirted overboard. The empty shell had to go back on the beds just so. To keep the spider crabs from running up your pants, we always stomped them with our boots. Those are the ugliest thing the lord ever invented, I swear. /sam

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