Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Legal Lobster Size to Increase

Big lobsters -- including those caught in Long Island Sound, assuming there are any big lobsters in Long Island Sound -- will be staying in the sea rather than heading for the lobster pot. New rules will increase the minimum size of a keeper. A Five-pound female produces 100,000 eggs at a time. But, as this story asserts, were pesticides the cause of the Sound's lobster die-off in 1999? We know better.

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Blogger Sam said...

To be clear, the rules require that large lobsters over 5 1/4 inches carapace length (eyeball socket to first tail joint) all the thrown back into the water. This would be a new regulation for areas outside of Maine, since they only had a minimum size - I forget exactly what it is but it was about 3 inches. The effect is (as much as I can tell) to create a "slot limit" wherein only lobsters between about 3 and 5 inches of carapace could be retained. That's why in Maine you only see three sizes of lobster on the menu: twins, pounders, and two pounders. I think I got this right ... been a while for sure!

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