Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Smart Sponges for Norwalk

The Smart Sponge program is expanding in North Castle, with the support of the Long Island Soundkeeper. Details here:

"We catch 80 (percent) to 90 percent of the bacteria," he said.

Sal Longo Jr. and Mike Lehman of Longo & Longo Storm Water Treatment of Greenwich installed one of the filters on New Street. They found a toothbrush in the sewer as methane bubbled below.

"We find everything from hypodermic needles to bullets down there," Lehman said.

In the past year, the filters prevented 30,676 pounds, or more than 15 tons, of contaminated grit, grease and garbage from entering the Sound, Backer said.

"We weren't surprised by the garbage or sediment," Longo said. "We were surprised by how blatant people were. It takes effort to throw things into a catch basin."



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