Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dead Crabs in Branford

A company in Branford -- Atlantic Wire -- illegally discharged some kind of acidic liquid into the Branford River earlier this month and seems to have killed a bunch of crabs in the process. I read about it on something called the Lobster Fact Blog, here. The blog post reads like a short newspaper article but there's no indication which paper it might have been borrowed from. It also doesn't say what species of crab.

Update: Apparently they took it from the New Haven Register, as a commenter points out.



Blogger Lauren said...

The New Haven Register has an article, but it still doesn't mention the species of crab involved:

11:51 AM  
Blogger RogerR said...

It was hundreds of blue crabs that died. DEP has disclosed this info, but has been keeping the other details close to the vest. I am an attorney with CT Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound and we came across the crab kill info the day before we were going to send a letter to Atlantic Wire notifying them of our intent to bring action under the Clean Water Act for illegal discharges that have not been prosecuted by DEP or EPA. For more info, see our press release here.

Also see a Hartford Courant article discussing discharge problems here.,0,4562617.story

2:14 PM  

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