Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oysters Recovering, Jellyfish Arriving, and the Washington Post Explains the Sound's Problems to Us

You sort of get the idea that a newspaper story is going to be a crock when it begins with a dateline that says “Long Island Sound, Connecticut” and then goes on to describe lobster buoys as “winking” and global warming's effects on the Sound as somehow "controversial." But that’s how a Washington Post story about the Sound’s lobster die-off started this weekend. Read the whole thing here, if you have a taste for the overwritten and overwrought.

Meanwhile, oysters appear to be recovering in Greenwich Cove.

And with summer apparently lingering forever, have the stinging jellyfish arrived? In response to this post, a fellow named Bob Marra wrote:

I too am a regular swimmer in the Sound, enjoying Hammonasset for the 2.2 mile jetty-to-jetty swim. Have swum jelly-free all summer, until this weekend (6-7 October), when I got stung on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday's stings are particularly bad, covering the major parts of both forearms with raised red welts. I'm wondering if it wasn't a blue bottle (Man-o'-war).

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