Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another Crab to Watch Out For, and Maybe to Eat

I've been following this one for a few days, in newspapers in Delaware and on the Chesapeake: watermen are finding more and more Chinese mitten crabs, a non-native species that may (or may not) procreate and become invasive, the way Asian shore crabs have.

The Asian shore crabs were first found in Delaware Bay in 1988. By last November the Times was reporting that they had virtually taken over the mid-Atlantic and New England coastal area, here.

I've joked that the Asian shore crab problem would be easy to solve if they were edible. Interestingly, the Journal News in Delaware reports about Chinese mitten crabs:

The crabs, named for their tufted claws, are commonly farm-raised in east Asia for food...

A couple of research visits to Chinatown, or here, might yield a suitable way to keep the Chinese mitten crab population in check.



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