Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rhode Island LNG Proposal Appears Dead

The LNG terminal proposed for Weaver's Cove, in Rhode Island, is dead, in the opinion of Narragansett Baykeeper John Torgan.

Good news for residents of that area, no doubt. But is it bad news for those of us who oppose Broadwater's LNG terminal in Long Island Sound?

The Weaver's Cove proposal was shot down by the Coast Guard. In Long Island Sound, the Coast Guard thinks Broadwater can be operated safely, if a lot of conditions are met.

Also, Broadwater opponents have argued that there are enough other LNG terminals in the works to make Broadwater unnecessary. One less terminal makes that argument less compelling.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think that the success or failure to site the Weaver's Cove facility has any bearing on Broadwater. To my knowledge, no one has ever looked at the WC proposal as a contender for alternative supply; quite the contrary, most opponents to Broadwater fully understand that the proposed WC siting is ill-conceived. The supply alternatives relied on by Synapse are based on the import capacity of the project currently under construction in Canada, and the two regasification vessel technology ports licensed for the Atlantic Ocean.

As far as comparing the two Coast Guard reports, it is worth noting that the GAO report could have a significant impact on the Broadwater exclusion zones which in turn impact the feasibility of the project itself, particularly since any larger exclusion zone for LNG tankers transiting the Race would completely shut it down to all other traffic. So, I'd say the jury is still out on the ability to reliably compare the two Coast Guard findings.

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