Saturday, September 23, 2006

News Coverage of the Coast Guard's Broadwater Report

Here's how the news media portrayed the release of the Coast Guard's report on the LNG facility that Broadwater is proposing for Long Island Sound.


Backers of proposed gas terminal buoyed by Coast Guard's report; critics argue site would be vulnerable

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Both sides in the controversy over Broadwater Energy's proposed floating natural gas terminal claimed victories Friday, each contending that a U.S. Coast Guard report assessing the safety and security risks of the proposed facility in Long Island Sound buttressed their points of view.

The yearlong study, detailed by Coast Guard officials at a news conference here, concluded that the proposed location midway between Wading River and Connecticut helps ease concerns about impacts on populated land areas but that tight security and safety measures still should be enacted before federal energy officials grant it permission to operate.

The Journal News
Coast Guard lays out risks of natural gas barge on Sound

NEW HAVEN, CONN. — A large, stationary barge storing liquid natural gas in the middle of Long Island Sound would present hazards such as the potential for an intense fire, but it could be operated safely with precautions in place, including a no-sail zone around it and the vessels that supply it, the U.S. Coast Guard concluded in a report released yesterday.

The facility, which would become a piece of the region's energy system, would also require more Coast Guard vessels and a stronger marine firefighting force in the region, with local governments paying part of the cost of a project that many people oppose.

The Hartford Courant (via the Associated Press)
Analysis Questions Gas Terminal Safety

NEW HAVEN -- A giant liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for Long Island Sound poses safety and security risks that would require more firefighters, escort boats and other measures to prevent accidents or terrorist attacks, according to a Coast Guard report released Friday.

The Coast Guard issued a security analysis that does not take a position on the proposal by Broadwater Energy, but concludes that additional measures would be needed to "responsibly manage risks to navigation safety and security risks" associated with the project.

The New London Day
Gas Terminal In Sound 'Feasible'

Coast Guard Analysis Says Any Risks Could Be Managed

New Haven — A Coast Guard analysis says that safety and security risks posed by permanently mooring a liquefied natural gas facility in Long Island Sound could be minimized to an acceptable level, but only if additional manpower and equipment are made available.

The 165-page report did not take a side for or against the plan.

The Connecticut Post
Sound security would be pricey

NEW HAVEN — The U.S. Coast Guard on Friday said a floating natural gas terminal proposed for the middle of Long Island Sound poses significant risks, but an armada of security ships and other measures would allow it to operate safely.

Study Heats Up In L.I. Sound Natural Gas Debate
Project Would Greatly Increase Region's Energy Supply

NEW HAVEN, Conn. A U.S. Coast Guard study found safety and security risks associated with a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for the Long Island Sound, but determined the risks could be addressed with proper measures.

The study, released Friday, was ambiguous enough that supporters and opponents both found in it ammunition to advance their cases.

And The New York Times, which used the A.P. story but managed to get the project wrong in its headline.
Gas Pipeline Has Risks, U.S. Says


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