Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pollution Denial in Old Saybrook

The state of Connecticut says there’s "overwhelming circumstantial evidence" that the septic systems used by as many as 2,000 houses in Old Saybrook are polluting Long Island Sound. The state has been saying this, in fact, since 1989 and it convinced a court that it was right and to issue a cleanup order to the town.

The response by some of the people who live in these houses is eye-opening: They simply deny that it’s true. They are so adamant about it that they disrupted a public informational meeting not long ago, forcing its cancellation.

For years the state wanted Old Saybrook to put in sewers. Now the state is pushing an alternative underground treatment technology that Old Saybrook officials say is the town’s best chance of not being taken to court again. Here’s what the Hartford Courant says:

But … the plan must still be endorsed by residents. And so far, it's off to a rocky start.

A July meeting on the proposal devolved into chaos so quickly that the presenter showed only four of his 27 slides. Further informational meetings have been canceled, leaving residents with questions about a plan that could cost some of them thousands of dollars. Tonight, [Jean] Castagno and her group, now called SOS Save Old Saybrook, plan to speak out against the plan, restate their claim that the town should not be accused of polluting, and call on local officials to continue fighting until the state agrees to leave the town alone.

Maybe SOS Old Saybrook stands for Same Old Shit in Old Saybrook. I don’t know who they or Jean Castagno are, but I hope none of the big state environmental groups are aligned with them. Their stance seems to be the definition of environmental irresponsibility.

Read the whole Courant story and see if you agree.


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