Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Make a Phone Call for a Clean Long Island Sound

Connecticut Fund for the Environment is trying to turn up the heat on the leaders of the Connecticut Senate and Assembly, by asking supporters to make phone calls in support of full funding for the Clean Water Fund.

You remember the Clean Water Fund and Connecticut's dismal performance. As CFW put it in an e-mail from this morning:

Please add your voice to the numerous clean water advocates from across the state who will be calling President Pro Tempore Don Williams and House Speaker Jim Ammann to say that the recommended $110 million in general obligations bonding for the Clean Water Fund is a must if we are to protect the health of our citizens and environment. ...

In recent years Connecticut decimated the Clean Water Fund - at one point the legislature not only failed to invest, it actually took away $80 million. But this year our Governor and state Legislators recommitted themselves to a healthy future by allocating $110 million in general obligation bonds to the Clean Water Fund.

So call them: Senate President Don Williams (800) 842-1420

House Speaker Jim Amann at (800) 842-8267

If you need more background, scroll through this link (in particular look for the post in which Amann dismisses clean water funding by saying that sewage plants aren't sexy), or read this.

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