Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On Blogging

If you want to know what I think of my blog and its influence, you can click here and read a story on blogging in a Long Island magazine called Canvas. The writer, Adina Genn, whom I talked to on the phone a month or so ago, made a small number of mistakes (the spelling of my last name, the reason I started blogging, and the number of years that Connecticut put money in its Clean Water Fund) and slightly exaggerated what I think was my influence on the Clean Water Fund debate, but otherwise got it right.

It's shocking, by the way, to see in print how many people look at this blog. Sad, in a way, although no doubt the numbers are small in proportion to my influence.

Wednesday second thoughts: I'm feeling guilty for sounding just a bit ungrateful to Adina by mentioning the few mistakes so prominently. Let me say again that it was a good story and she did a good, diligent job, and I appreciate it that she included me.


Blogger Sam said...

Sad, I ask? A wonderful writer with not only a sense for the J-major stuff but the techical and humor aspects as well? Got loads of lurkers but no idea how they feel? Gee Tom, don't get all depressed about such Mickey Mouse. You're great, you write well, and that's why I sometimes respond here more than a few measely times. In fact, I am quite envious of your traffic, lowly as you might think yours is: I have Google Analytics Envy!

If you wanted to make money you could make and extra $100K by becoming an ad slave with a giant webpage with indexes on Google and all the other majors and go top flight. Blogs are mainly passive. Having forums, secret nekked beaches, birding reports, fishing items, and sailing stuff you coud go really commercial.

Are you going to sell out, brudda? The blog ain't worth ten cents and don't take that as being mean. You ARE very influential. I really hope you keep the blog going because you're a hot writer with a god nose for BS when you see it.

3:22 PM  

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