Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Suffolk County Wants FERC to Reject Broadwater's Latest Filing or Reopen the Public Review of its LNG Proposals

Lawyers representing Suffolk County say that because the deadline for public comment has passed, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has two choices in dealing with the extensive additional information Broadwater submitted recently on the environmental impacts of the liquefied natural gas terminal it wants to build in Long Island Sound:

1. It can ignore the information, or

2. It can reopen the public comment period.

Newsday reports:

In the letter sent Tuesday, lawyers Biblow and John M. Armentano say, "Having chosen to withhold information it contends is supportive of its position until after the issuance of FERC's draft environmental impact statement, after the close of the public hearing, after the time expired to submit written comments to the [draft impact statement] and after the intervenors and other opponents submitted their comments ... Broadwater must not be allowed to supplement the record in this fashion."

I couldn’t agree more but as I’ve said before, so many questions have been raised by so many agencies, that reopening the review, issuing a supplemental impact statement, and taking public comment again is essential.

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