Thursday, March 08, 2007

Long Island Sound's Three Corners

It's not exactly the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, but there's a spot in Long Island Sound where a boat can be in three states at once. Where?

... a little to the west of a line between Napatree Point, R.I., and East Point, Fishers Island ... a boat can be in the waters of Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, all at the same time.

Now that you've whacked your forehead in astonishment, I should say that I found this fact in a column by Dave Sampson in the Norwich Bulletin, in which he discusses the pros and cons (pros, mostly) of a Connecticut proposal to require licenses for salt water fishing. One of Sampson's points is that it's a done deal. Federal law requires it, and the only choice is whether to let the state control it or hand it over to the feds.



Blogger Sam said...

I seem to recall that area as having wicked rip tides and some very good fishing - caught some blues, bonito, and false albacore over that way. Too hard to anchor we we drifted the boiling water, which was complete with fairly large whirlpools and upwelling.

Anyway, I do applaud the effort to make the region uniform for fishing rules, as the old rules were a patchwork where every state did their own thing - and in the case of Rhode Island, no fishing license was needed at all. /sam

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