Sunday, March 04, 2007

$40 to Take a Photo of the Glass House (And You Get A Tour With It)

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Philip Johnson’s Glass House is opening for tours in April. Given its location near New York City and its iconic status, demand is probably going to be high, and admission to the tours is priced accordingly: $25 for 90 minutes, or $40 for two hours. Tours will be limited to 10 people. On the two-hour tour you’ll be allowed to take photographs and sketch; no such activities will be tolerated on the 90-minute tour.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation owns the Glass House, and I don’t know if its no-photo policy will prevent intrepid photographers from taking photos over the stone wall, like this one:


The Glass House was on the New Canaan Historical Society’s 2001 Modern House Day tour but not on the 2005 tour, and I can’t imagine it will be on the upcoming Modern House Day, which is in the works for fall of 2007. My wife (whose firm is Gina Federico Graphic Design) has signed on to do the design work, and I’m going to write whatever text is needed for the ticket/brochure. But the estimable Laura Pla, who chaired the 2001 and 2004 Modern House Days, has moved to a modern apartment overlooking Lake Zurich, and someone else will have to take over that difficult volunteer job.

During the 2004 MHD, tour buses passed by one of New Canaan’s remaining Marcel Breuer houses so tour-goers could be told that it was on the market and in danger of being torn down. Also as part of the Modern House Day, Toshiko Mori gave a talk and discussed how she renovated this terrific house in New Canaan that was originally designed by John Black Lee. (Here's a shot of the Breuer house I took a couple of summers ago).

breuer west lane front facade 1

Not long after the 2004 Modern House Day, someone on the tour bought the Breuer house and is renovating it. He’s hired Toshiko Mori to do it.


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