Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Fundamentally Unsound" Broadwater Impact Statement Needs a Do-Over

In the op-ed piece I wrote for The Times, I argued that so many government experts had found the information and analysis in the FERC's Broadwater environmental impact statement to be seriously lacking, that FERC owed it all of us to issue a full-blown supplemental impact statement, complete with a new public review, comment period and written comments.

The piece ran on Sunday, February 18, in the Times Connecticut, Long Island and Westchester sections. Probably anyone who is interested has seen it already, but I put it up on my other blog, just in case. The Times headline was "Fundamentally Unsound," and you can read it here.

In the meantime, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy had an audience yesterday with Eliot Spitzer and emerged saying the Spitzer hasn't made up his mind yet about Broadwater. Newsday reported:

"He listened intently and said he was looking to do an overall, comprehensive review of the area's energy needs before he comes to a decision," Levy said after meeting with Spitzer in Albany. The 15-minute session in Spitzer's office was to discuss a variety of topics, and Levy said they just "touched on" Broadwater.

That, perhaps, is slightly different from what Newsday reported a couple of weeks ago, and which I wrote about here. A prominent environmentalist, by the way, told me that when she read that Spitzer might be leaning toward approving Broadwater, it made her want to vomit.



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