Thursday, February 01, 2007

Flacking for Broadwater: Nice Job, Gary Hale

Here’s a group that went to Hartford yesterday to protest high energy prices, arguing that deregulation is the cause.

Here’s a former Connecticut State Senator who is now a lobbyist and who worked closely with the state General Assembly on energy deregulation legislation in 1998.

Here’s a lobbyist who is now a paid flack for Broadwater and who asserts without any evidence that we need a huge liquefied natural gas platform in the middle of Long Island Sound because it will lower energy bills for Connecticut consumers.

Hey, it's the same guy, Gary Hale.

The lobbyist and former public servant Gary Hale got paid to help pass the energy deregulation bill, which lead to higher energy costs, and now gets paid to lobby and flack for Broadwater because it supposedly will lead to lower energy costs. Nice work if you can get it, Gary Hale.

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