Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Money that GE Paid Out After Dumping PCBs into the Housatonic Will Be Used for Habitat Restoration Near Long Island Sound

Here are some habitat restoration proposals near Long Island Sound that are under consideration for funding in Connecticut:

— $963,000 sought by the state Department of Environmental Protection to control non-native invasive plant species, such as phragmites, in Stratford and Milford;

— $785,000 requested by the Town of Stratford for wetlands restoration, cleanup and construction of a greenway at the Hunter-Havens property;

— and, $20,000 requested by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for restoration of piping plover and tern habitats at the Stuart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge at Milford Point.

The money would come from a fund established eight years ago as a result of General Electric's decision to ruin the Housatonic River by dumping PCBs into it in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. GE, the company that brings good things to life, also ruined the Hudson, and by ruined I mean it killed a centuries-old commercial fishing industry.

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