Friday, February 02, 2007

Where's the Evidence for Broadwater's Assertion that its LNG Terminal Will Save Consumers $400 a Year?

Once again a Broadwater mouthpiece is asserting in a newspaper that the giant liquefied natural gas terminal they want to build in Long Island Sound will save consumers money, and once again there's not a shred of evidence presented or, apparently, asked for by the newspaper reporter.

The New Haven Register quotes Broadwater's John Hritcko thus:

"It is curious that in a week when Connecticut faces some of the highest energy prices in the country, the town board is willing to consider opposing a project that can help their constituents save up to $400 on their annual energy costs," Hritchko said.

Lobbyist/flack Gary Hale has been making the same assertion for weeks, again without presenting any evidence.

Here's a question or two for reporters to ask the next time Hale or Hritcko makes that claim: "What is that based on? What information or evidence do you have that the terminal will save consumers up to $400?"

If they don't answer the question, then simply write "Broadwater asserted that the terminal would save consumers up to $400 a year but Hrticko [or Hale or Amy Kelley or Joel Ringbold or any of the other shameless corporate flacks] presented no evidence to support the claim."

One more thing: Shell (a partner with TransCanada in Broadwater), the company the wants to use publicly-owned waters and underwater land for its corporate facility, earned record profits last year.



Blogger Sam said...

No idea, sir. Perhaps they meant that if constructed and operated, Broadwater would MAKE $400 off each customer.

2:42 PM  

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