Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wind Power Off Orient Point

Is wind energy coming to the Long Island Sound area? Winergy Power, a company that operates a fish farm off Orient Point and has financial backing from JP Morgan, wants to put in some turbines near there to generate power from wind. Here's the story, from Newsday. My guess is that this won't lack for attention over the next weeks and months.


Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Tom. I've sailed and motored that area many times and let me say it is tricky if not outright dangerous. You're right on the divide between Long Island and Block Island Sound, not to mention that Plum Island is an anthrax research center off limits to the public.

I've been spun around there a few times just because of the current. The winds can be calm on minute and then hammered the next. Yes, the Race is a great place to fish and is cool to sail, but let's just say it it is spooky as heck. -Sam

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