Monday, April 24, 2006

Over the Weekend: Sound Health, Global Warming in the Times, Broadwater & Tyrants, and Deer

The Sound Health report, published by the Long Island Sound Study, came out yesterday, as an insert in Sunday papers. There’s lots of good stuff in it, and even more if you click around on the webpage, here. My impression though is that it paints a picture that’s a bit too rosy for reality. I’ll explain why later.

How To Get Global Warming Stories in the New York Times ... A couple of months ago I was on a panel at a conference with Andy Revkin, who covers global warming for the Times’ Science section, and he was saying how difficult it was to write about climate change in a way that would earn his story a spot on page 1. By its nature, he said, climate change is an issue that changes in tiny increments. There is very little that is equivalent to a political scandal or a spectacular crime or an election campaign – nothing that fits into what newspapers consider breaking news.

But yesterday Andy wrote his way onto the cover of the Week in Review by asserting the very thing that he said made it hard to cover the issue on a daily basis:

Global warming has the feel of breaking news these days.

Considering the attention that’s been paid lately to climate change and its affect on Long Island Sound, it’s worth reading for an overview of the public perception of global warming – namely that most people still don’t think it’s a problem.

At the Mercy of Tyrants ... This piece, in Newsday, argues that if we commit ourselves to projects such as the Broadwater LNG terminal and other LNG terminals, we're commiting ourselves to a future of electricity-generation that is at the mercy of foreign powers that aren't too fond of the United States.

Trillium protected from deer

Our Wildflower ... Whenever someone tells me he doesn’t think deer are a real problem and that even if they are a problem, they are not a big enough one to justify hunting, I show him this: it’s our trillium. On a property that used to have pink lady’s-slippers, hepatica, bloodroot, Canada mayflower, trout lily, trillium and more, we now have one trillium. We keep it fenced in, as a reminder.


Anonymous Pamela said...

If only people believed that deer are a big enough problem that wolves would be a good idea. Sorry to hear about your wildflowers. In my region deer haven't devastated the flora--coyotes and bears help the hunters keep the population down I guess--but 25% of car accidents here involve deer.

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