Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sewage Spill Closes Popular Clamming Spot on Block Island

On Block Island, a sewage catch basin overflowed and spilled sewage into the Great Salt Pond, which is usually open for clamming by the public. The same thing happened two years ago. Here's what the Block Island Times reported:

.. a combination of factors were working together to produce a small disaster at Negus Park. Tree roots had grown down into the catch basin underneath the park, said Sewer Commission Chair Cliff McGinnes, since the basin was last serviced two years ago. All the sewage from New Harbor, including boat pump-out effluence, siphons through the system there.

So it happened two years ago and it hasn't been serviced since then. One would think they might consider servicing it annually from now on.


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PS There was another blockage a week or so ago. Smaller scale but...

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