Monday, July 11, 2005

Long Island Sound Resource Center

When I needed to know the basic geology of Long Island Sound for my book, I went to Ralph Lewis, the Connecticut State Geologist (now retired), who I had heard speak at a Long Island Sound Taskforce conference in Milford back in 1985 or '86. I dropped in to see him unannounced at his office UConn/Avery Point, and he sent me off with geological maps and publications; and when I was hurrying to get my manuscript ready and needed help, he read sections and directed me to more information on line.

The Long Island Sound Resource Center is a website that he helped set up a number of years ago, and it's just been updated. Here's what it says:

This web site is an ongoing project to provide access to data and information. Visitors can search the bibliography of the Long Island Sound Foundation Collection; browse the directory of organizations and information sources; or look for a location to access the Sound. This web site will continue to grow and change as new features, data, and information are added.

Six organizations are listed as partners and supporters, including the DEP and UConn. It's well worth spending some time clicking around on, especially if you're into geology.


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I came across Sphere when I first started my blog(s) and immediately linked to it. I gave both of my humble blogs the incredibly utilitarian names of Connecticut Fishing and Connecticut Fishing Reports to reflect the concept of 'Literature Reviews'. Unlike Sphere, which is a primary source information, I collect, sort, edit and post previously published articles of interest.

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