Sunday, May 01, 2005

Greenwich's Plan to Kill Canada Geese is Unjustified

Tom Baptist, executive director of Audubon Connecticut, sent me an amplification of his opinion about Greenwich's decision to seek a state permit to kill geese:

Unlike the deer issue, where overwhelming evidence resulting from scientific inquiry amply justifies the reduction of the number of deer for ecological stability and public health purposes, no such science-based support exists for the planned killing of geese. In connection to nuisance populations of geese, no human health risk has been clearly defined, evidence of ecological damage is lacking, and there is little proof that killing geese as planned will accomplish the stated goal.

The lack of documentation in support of the planned kill suggests that the Town of Greenwich is opting for the most expediant, inexpensive way to address understandable aesthetic concerns regarding quantities of geese feces at certain public parks. Each of the subject parks maintain habitat attractive to geese, i.e. lawns are mowed to the edge of waterbodies. Until steps are taken to reduce the viability of those areas to geese, then geese will continue to frequent them regardless of the planned kill.

Greenwich is sending the wrong message, opting for the killing of the offending birds apparently for aesthetic reasons, rather than employing proven non-lethal control methods. Actions like this are ultimately erosive to thoughtful environmental protection. The better course is one that respects nature, values nature, and defends nature.


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