Thursday, April 28, 2005

Writer's Block

Blogging on Sphere is likely to be slow today.

A couple of weeks ago the nice people at Audubon Connecticut told me they were holding a dinner on April 30 to honor Donal C. O'Brien, who used to be the head of National Audubon. They mentioned that they'd be giving copies of my book to those who attended the dinner.

I've done talks and signings where I've sold only two books, and seven books constitutes a good day, so when someone tells me they're going to buy copies to give away, I'm delighted. I told the Audubon Connecticut people that I'd be happy to sign the books, if they'd like.

"Sure," they said. "We're ordering 250 copies."

I'll be signing them this afternoon. Blogging will resume when my hand stops cramping.


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