Sunday, April 24, 2005

Send Me Your Sightings...

Every week, a group of people on the Hudson compile observations of the natural world in and around the river, and send it out in an e-mail called the Hudson River Almanac. They have dozens of observers, from Jamaica Bay to the Adirondack Mountains, who send in a sentence or two about fish they've caught, birds, the saltiness of the river, the weather, what's coming into blooom -- anything typical or atypical that gives people a feel for what it's like to be out in the Hudson's watershed.

I'd like to compile similar observations on Sphere, and I'm asking here for volunteers to send me stuff. There are a lot of you out there. You know who you are but I'm going to mention your names (or at least the ones I can think of offhand) anyway: Penny Howell, David Simpson, John Waldman, Miley Bull, Tom Baptist, Jennifer Wilson-Pines, Suzanne Botta, Shane Walden, Jeff Main, Pete Sattler, Matt Sasso, Pat Comins... and others.

When you're out on the Sound, or anywhere in the Sound's watershed, and you see something interesting, e-mail me. My hope is that over time it will provide a good glimpse of environmental conditions in the region, and a real feel for the Sound's natural history.


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