Friday, April 29, 2005

Town Dithers, Neighbors Shrug, Sound-front Property Sold

Here's why it's so important to fight to stop the liquefied natural gas terminal from being built in the middle of Long Island Sound, and marring the gentle seascape views of people in places like Shoreham: so towns on Long Island's north shore can dither away important access points to the Sound and Shoreham residents can shrug as if they don't care because they don't want "the whole Town of Brookhaven traipsing through" anyway.

Almost 20 acres of property, including part of the Sound-front bluffs that characterize that part of the region, are being sold out from under the town of Brookhaven. Richard Amper, executive director of the Pine Barrens Society, is properly outraged, but nobody else seems to give a hoot.

The North Shore Sun is on it with a good story, pointing out the missteps and hypocrisies.

Combine this with the story from the other day about Greenport actually wanting to sell publicly-owned waterfront property for development, and we'll soon solve the public-access problem by eliminating it altogether.

Memo to Citizens Campaign for the Environment, the Shoreham Civic Organization and others on LI's north shore: these public access points are worth fighting for. It's hard to argue that Broadwater's LNG terminal will blight the views of the Sound if the only people who will see it are those living high on the ancient bluffs.


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